Intermediate Junior

The Junior workshops are designed to bring teachers of Introductory level or of Junior level to a better understanding of the asanas on the three levels of the Intermediate Junior syllabus. The workshops will help to prepare anyone intending to take their Junior teaching assessment but all teachers are welcome to attend whether or not they plan to enter for an assessment.

These workshops are generally oversubscribed, so it’s become necessary to use a booking process. This is to avoid disappointment of anyone turning up on the day to find there is no space. To secure a place please follow the instructions on this link.

  • Workshops normally take place on Saturdays from 11am to 5:30pm
  • There are normally nine workshops throughout the year, in blocks of three
  • The fee for an individual workshop is £45
  • The discounted fee for a block of three workshops is £120 (please note that missed workshops may not be rolled over into the next payment block)
  • For more information (including wanting to be added to waiting lists for full workshops) please contact Sheila

Upcoming Blocks / Dates

Spring 2019: 26th January, 23rd February, 23rd March
Summer 2019: 18th May, 29th June, 20th July