Michelle Blyth

My journey with Iyengar yoga began in 1999, when my friends convinced me to attend a yoga class in a local gym. I was hooked from the start! After attending classes on a regular basis for many years, I was still curious to know more so I decided that teaching was the only way I could get to know the poses more intimately. I qualified as an Iyengar yoga teacher in 2016.

Since then I have been granted a wonderful opportunity to teach at a local studio in the heart of Henley-on-Thames. Teaching Iyengar yoga has enhanced my passion plus it has taken my learning to another level particularly as every class presents me with an opportunity to learn and grow. I am thrilled to be a part of the team and to be teaching at the Iyengar Yoga Shala in High Wycombe.

When I first started yoga I had no idea of the profound effect it would have on me; yoga has given my life meaning and it has empowered me to heal. As an Iyengar yoga teacher I want to encourage students to embark on their own yoga journey, it is an investment they will never regret.