Peer Group Sessions

These group sessions are up to two hours duration and are open to trainee teachers and also newly qualified teachers who have studied with Sheila (teachers and mentors of attending trainees are also welcome where numbers permit). The plan is that these sessions will offer a place to ask questions, to practice teaching one another, to put into practice some of the correcting skills that are being learnt with your teacher/mentor whilst shadowing their classes. I hope the sessions will be a place to share the experiences of your learning, and to provide an opportunity to study the wider subject of yoga philosophy. All of this will be invaluable for those who are being mentored for teaching, They will follow the Level 1 workshops in the afternoon of the same day.

Once we are back in the studio the peer group sessions will resume after a lunch break. A studio is the best environment for these sessions, however, for now they will be online.

In order for the sessions to operate smoothly, a limit to the number of attendees may have to be put in place (priority will be given to trainee teachers). The sessions should to be booked separately to the Level 1 workshops.

For more information please contact Sheila

Upcoming Workshops (currently in an online format)

  • On Sundays from 1pm to 3pm (London time zone)
  • Online session fee £10 for trainee or newly qualified teachers (no fee for teachers/mentors of attending trainees)
  • Before booking an online yoga lesson, it is important to read the Booking Terms and Conditions for Online Yoga Lessons (which also includes booking and payment instructions)
  • If you are new to online yoga lessons then click here for some helpful notes
  • Bookings normally close on the day before a lesson(or earlier if the lesson is fully booked).

13th June 2021 – to book click here BOOKING CLOSED
25th July 2021 – to book click here
26 September 2021- a date for your diary, but bookings not yet open