New to Yoga Online?

If you are new to on-line lessons the notes below may be helpful.

You will need enough space to do the poses (floor space and height).

Please have your yoga props nearby if you have them (ideally a yoga mat and some blankets or towels, and a yoga belt or other suitable long belt).

It is important that I can see you fully (for your safety and corrections), and also that that you can see and hear me, so worthwhile trying out and testing your camera and screen set ups before a lesson.

The tool used for the online lesson is called Zoom, and the sessions are referred to as Zoom meetings. Please ensure you are able to use Zoom on your device.

At least 24 hours before the lesson you will have received an email which includes the “Zoom link” to the meeting.

On the day of your lesson I will open the Zoom meeting 10 minutes before the start time, after which you can use the link to join the meeting in the “waiting room” (you will see “waiting for host”). At this stage you can check that your camera, screen and microphone are all working.

I (as the host) will then admit everyone and the lesson can begin. For security I will normally lock the meeting to further students, so it is important that you join in good time.

During the lesson I will normally have your sound on mute, otherwise background noises from multiple sources will interfere with the clarity of my voice. If I need to speak with you I will ask you to “unmute” yourself. You can also do this if there is an urgent need to speak with me.