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About the Course


According to the texts of Hatha Yoga and Tantra, our subtle body is made up of a tapestry of subtle channels (nadis) and energetic wheels, or cakras. Together these represents the structures of the pranic field, the pranamaya kosha.

Graphically we find the cakras depicted as lotuses with a variety of sacred symbols within them. These symbols range from animals to deities, colors and geometrical figures (yantras), portraying rich elemental, energetic and psycho-spiritual meaning.

In these two workshops we will explore the map of the cakras both in theory and practice. Both Iyengar yoga practice and Mantra sadhana will be included. In the first workshop muladhara, svadhistana and manipuraka cakras will be in focus, leading us to an exploration of the higher cakras of anahata, vishuddha and sahasrara in workshop two.

Each workshop will consist of lectures with Gitte Bechsgaard together with asana and pranayama practice with Sheila Haswell.

  • There are two workshops to the course, each over a period of three days
  • The fee is £200 for each workshop
  • To secure a place make a payment of £50 as a deposit and e-mail the details to Sheila. The balance of £150 is due four weeks before the start of the workshop
  • For more information contact Sheila

Course beginning April 2017

Workshop One: took place on 10th to 12th April 2017

Workshop Two: took place on 15th to 17th August 2017