Training To Teach

To become an Iyengar Yoga Teacher

You must first be a student of Iyengar yoga, become familiar with the techniques and methods used in Iyengar yoga classes, develop a personal practice and want to teach.

You will need to develop a working relationship with your teacher (or the teacher who will become your mentor) so that you can learn the art of teaching in a practical sense and not just in a theoretical manner.

Prospective teachers will work with their teacher/mentor over several years until they are ready to be assessed for the teaching certificate.

Your first step is to attend classes and grow to love your yoga learning.

When you are ready to study further, towards teaching yoga, your teacher/mentor will guide you through the registration procedure for training within the Iyengar Yoga Association of the UK (referred to as IY(UK)). At this point you will need to be a student member of IY(UK).

For further information from IY(UK) see IY(UK) Training to Teach.

As a trainee teacher at the Yoga Shala

You will study alongside your teacher/mentor in the following ways:

  • continue to attend classes which will advance your personal path in yoga
  • shadow some beginner classes to learn how to introduce yoga to newcomers and how to safely teach those who are at the start of their yoga practice
  • assist in some general classes where you can be guided in the art of demonstration, observation and correction
  • attend peer group sessions and workshops to further develop your skills
  • follow modules of work which include written assignments, practical projects, and reading to update your knowledge of anatomy, physiology, yoga theory, yoga philosophy and safety aspects of teaching
  • teach some classes in front of your teacher/mentor
  • you are advised to attend the annual IY(UK) convention


When you are deemed ready and have covered all of the expected coursework you can apply for an assessment. This will be after a minimum of three years of training with your teacher/mentor (for some it may take much longer). The assessment is organised and overseen by the IY(UK). If successful at the assessment you will be awarded the Level 1 teaching certificate which will enable you to teach from the Level 1 syllabus.

For more information please contact Sheila