Please note there are no dates planned for further courses at this time.

There are two workshops to the course, each over a period of three days.

  • Each workshop will consist of lectures with Gitte Bechsgaard together with asana and pranayama practice with Sheila Haswell
  • The fee is £220 for each workshop (or £400 for both if paid before end January 2018)
  • To secure a place make a payment of £50 as a deposit and e-mail the details to Sheila. The balance of £170 is due four weeks before the start of the workshop
  • To accommodate everyone, we may need to operate with two groups (in a similar way to the recent Cakras courses). Therefore the timetable for each workshop will be communicated as soon as the likely number of attendees is known.
  • For more information contact Sheila

Workshop Two
took place in June 2018


The mantras hold many dimensions essential for an understanding of their meaning, proper application and underlying blessings.
In these three days we will explore foundational theory of mantra, traditional puja and the creation of sacred space and time.

Workshop One took place in April 2018


In Tantric literature, mantras represent a significant portion of the teachings, the main sadhana. In fact Tantric texts are often referred to as mantra-shastra. Mantra hold meanings related to the process of freeing one’s mind and promoting harmony in all parts of our being.
In these three days we will explore mantra-sadhana to the feminine Divine as well as a portrait of some of the most known goddesses of the Indian tradition, Saraswati, Laksmi and Durga.