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Please note there are no dates planned for further courses at this time.

About The Course

Through the practice of Īśvara praṇidhāna the aspirant breaks down all barriers that stand between him or herself and the divine. In offering one’s mind, thoughts, feelings, and actions to God, the yogin attains samādhi. In the context of the Yoga Sūtras, Īśvara, which literally means “lord”, does not simply refer to a particular image or form of God as in popular religion. In fact, Īśvara is a superior source of consciousness that resides in each human being. As we examine the group of sūtras on Īśvara (sūtra 1.23–1.29), it becomes clear that Patañjali embraces and is tolerant of all forms of spirituality, independent of cultural and religious underpinnings. Ultimately, Patañjali indicates that if we are able to surrender our personal will to a higher will, if we offer ourselves to Īśvara with special devotion (bhaktiviśeṣa), then the divine will bend down to meet us halfway. When we make a sincere attempt to practice Īśvara-praṇidhāna, our efforts will be met with a showering of inexplicable blessings and grace (anugraha), and in giving ourselves fully to a higher power, we come closer to a direct experience of the Self. The alchemy of this miraculous encounter is mysterious indeed. Sometimes it occurs in the dual relationship between God and the individual man or woman, while at other times it unfolds in the innermost chambers of the heart.

Each workshop will consist of lectures with Gitte Bechsgaard together with asana and pranayama practice with Sheila Haswell.

  • The fee is £220
  • To secure a place make a payment of £50 as a deposit and e-mail the details to Sheila. The balance of £170 is due four weeks before the start of the workshop
  • For more information contact Sheila

Course beginning October 2018

Tuesday 2nd  –  4pm to 8pm
Wednesday 3rd  –  8am to 6pm
Thursday 4th  –  8am to 1pm